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What are varicose veins and how should they be treated?

Veins are the blood vessels that take the blood from your feet and legs back to the heart, ready for another cycle around the body. This means the blood in your leg veins should flow upwards.  

When your veins don’t work properly, they let blood flow backwards down the leg. This can cause you to have heavy, achy, tired or swollen legs, which feel worse when standing still. You get relief when you elevate your legs, as the bloods flows up the leg, back to the heart, under the influence of gravity. 

Varicose veins pain

If poorly functioning veins go untreated for too long, the skin on the legs can start to suffer. The first signs of this are itching or eczema of the skin, followed by brown pigmentation and eventually a leg ulcer.  

People with longstanding varicose veins can develop lipodermatosclerosis. This is a fancy term for hardened woody skin of the lower legs. 

Why do veins fail?

There are a few theories as to why your veins ‘fail’.  

The truth about dermal fillers and lip enhancement

Great lips have always been in style. For centuries, multiple generations of women have invested significant time and money into achieving great lips.

This can range from lip balms for hydration to lipsticks in a multitude of colours to tattooed lip liner for a permanent solution and finally to dermal fillers, the complete package that can address all lip concerns. 

Lip enhancement

Lip trends have come and gone over the years and cosmetic practitioners are aware that lips come in many different shapes and sizes. There is however a general aesthetic of lips that most people find attractive and principles of proportions that we aim to achieve. 

Is liposuction the right procedure for me?

As a liposuction surgeon I find there is a lot of confusion about who would benefit from liposuction.

Essentially the answer is quite simple: anyone with body contour issues is suitable!

Most people have one or more areas of the body that are susceptible to attracting fat. When we are born we have a finite number of fat cells which remain with us for life. 

When we put on weight each individual fat cell enlarges and when we take off weight each individual fat cell shrinks. However your body will have areas, for example the abdomen or outer thighs, where the fat cells have a greater preference for attracting fat. 

Therefore those areas will be the first to put on weight and the last area to lose the weight if you are on a diet.

Laser & UGS For Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins treated with Laser & UGS

These are the before and after treatment photographs of an active 36 year old man. He first noticed varicose veins aged 17, but they had become much worse in the previous five years. His symptoms were of aching and pain in both legs, but worse in his right leg and foot. There was swelling in both lower legs, ankles and feet.