Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Ultra

Written by Dr Sarah Hart on Monday, 15 September 2014. Posted in Appearance Treatments

Lip enhancement with Juvederm Ultra Before & After

"These lips belong to an energetic, vibrant woman who looks younger than her years. She felt her mouth had become downturned with aging, giving her face a grumpy look that she did not feel inside. She also felt her lower lip had always been too small. She’s right: ideally, the lower lip should be larger than the upper lip according the natural “Golden Ratio” of beauty.


In order to improve the appearance of her mouth area, I injected one syringe of Juvederm Ultra to smooth out the lines around her mouth, hydrate the texture of her lips and increase the size of her bottom lip. Her lip lines are improved, her mouth is less down-turned and her upper-to-lower lip ratio has been corrected. She has found looking less grumpy has also improved her mood, as frequently described by my patients. "

Abdomen, waist and flank liposculpture

Written by Dr John Barrett on Monday, 04 August 2014. Posted in Liposuction

More youthful shape from liposculpture.

Side view abdomen and flanks B&A liposculpture

This woman in her late fifties had liposculpture to her abdomen, waist and flanks which has created a much more youthful shape.  The patient was delighted with her results.

A total of 2650ml of pure fat was removed in one session under a type of local anaesthetic called tumescent anaesthesia.  Because the patient is awake and comfortable she can be moved as often as is necessary for a three dimensional sculpturing process to provide the best possible shape.

Over 1000 cases of Liposuction

on Friday, 27 June 2014. Posted in Liposuction

Over 1000 cases of Liposuction

Dr John Barrett of Palm Clinic is one of the most experienced liposuction practitioners in New Zealand having performed over 1000 cases of liposculpture to virtually every part of the body.

The most common areas for women are abdomen, hips, thighs and breast reduction.  For men the most common areas are abdomen, love handles, chest and chin and jowls.

Liposculpture is a type of liposuction performed under a special type of local anaesthetic called tumescent anaesthetic.  The main advantage of this technique is increased safety (no general anaesthetic) and a much greater ability to sculpture the body.  Because you are awake (although sedated) Dr Barrett can move you around so that he can truly sculpt your body to the best possible contour.  You are usually able to return to work on day three and only need to wear garments for 3 days.

Over 2800 Laser Treatments for Varicose Veins

on Friday, 27 June 2014. Posted in Varicose Veins

Varicose veins before and after EVLA & UGS

Palm Clinic is one of the most experienced Clinics for non surgical management of varicose veins in New Zealand.  We have performed over 2800 cases of endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) which is regarded internationally as the most successful treatment for varicose veins.

Dr John Barrett was the first to introduce ultrasound guided sclerotherapy to New Zealand in 1998 and since then he and his phlebology (veins) team have performed many thousands of treatments.

Non surgical treatment of varicose veins are walk in, walk out procedures which mean you can carry on working in most cases.  The risk profile is less than with surgery and the post operative period is generally straight forward.

Most insurers cover the procedures at Palm Clinic.  Palm Clinic is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society and is also covered by major insurers such as NIB, Sovereign and Unimed.

Botox and Fillers to the Face

on Thursday, 16 January 2014. Posted in Appearance Treatments

Botox and Fillers to the Face

This woman has had dermal fillers mainly to the lower face and cheeks and Botox to the lower face for a Nefertiti lift.  This has resulted in a very natural subtle lift with reduction in the jowl area adding to a crisper jawline.

She is delighted with the very natural results which have rejuvenated her appearance.

Botox and Filler for Stubborn Frownline

Written by Dr Sarah Hart on Thursday, 07 November 2013. Posted in Appearance Treatments

Frown line treated with Botox and Fillers

Here's a before and after picture of our lovely receptionist Lorraine, showing her in March 2012 and November 2013. Her longstanding frown line has never been improved much by Botox treatment, probably due to bone and soft tissue loss ("volume loss"). It was time to bring in the Juvederm. Lorraine kindly agreed to treatment with Juvederm Ultraplus under the frown and brow area to advance the whole area forwards.

Treatment was performed with a special rounded needle called a cannula which runs under the skin. We also placed some Juvederm Ultraplus at the corners of her mouth to reduce shadowing, and lift the corners of her mouth. The final touch was Juvederm Voluma placed in her lateral cheek to restore a more youthful oval shape to her face, reducing the appearance of the jowls. Lorraine's husband has been complimenting her on her 'bright, open eyes' and she is very happy with her gentle, natural rejuvenation.

Sunspots Removed with ELOS

Written by Clare Gallie RN on Thursday, 31 October 2013. Posted in Laser Treatments

ELOS IPL for Improved Skin Colour

Sunspots after one ELOS IPL treatment

At Palm Clinic, a medical grade ELOS IPL treatment by qualified medical professionals will give excellent results such as this for superficial sun-spots and pigmentation.

The treatment will take approximately 20 minutes, and within 7 days facial pigmentation will have darkened and flaked off, leaving a clearer and younger looking skin.

Consultations are with highly experienced Doctors and Registered Nurses, with many years of experience for facial treatments. Palm Clinic has a wide range of Medical Grade Laser Treatments, Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Mons Pubis Treated with Liposuction

Written by Dr John Barrett on Tuesday, 15 October 2013. Posted in Liposuction

Pubic Area Treated with Liposculpture

Pubic area and abdomen treated with liposculpture

The mons pubis can look over full for some women to the point that they do not feel comfortable wearing tight fitting clothing.

In about 10% of abdomen liposuction cases we treat the mons pubis as well to provide a better contour.

The pubic area can also be treated on it's own if the abdomen is not a problem. 

Men also have the pubic area treated as large amounts of fat in this area can make the penis look smaller than it actually is.

Overseas Conferences for Palm Clinic Doctors

on Friday, 30 August 2013. Posted in General

Dr Sarah Hart, Dr Sam Dunn and Clare Gallie RN are currently attending the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Sydney where they will be updated on the latest techniques in cosmetic medicine.

Dr John Barrett is to attend an international phlebology (vein) meeting in Boston next week.

Dr Sarah Hart and Dr John Barrett both presented lectures to doctors and nurses from New Zealand and Australia at the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine in Queenstown last month.  Sarah spoke about a system for managing the often difficult brow lines that line the forehead.  John spoke on liposculpture to various parts of the body.

Palm Clinic is committed to regularly updating all staff in the latest cosmetic and vein techniques.  Our doctors are frequently in demand for lectures to other aesthetic and vein practitioners in Australasia and internationally.

Varicose Veins should be Treated with Laser says NICE

Written by Dr John Barrett on Friday, 26 July 2013. Posted in Varicose Veins

Varicose veins Treated with Laser

Palm Clinic has treated over 2500 legs with varicose veins with laser. The UK is finally catching up with advice for all hospitals in England and Wales to use laser rather than surgery for varicose veins in new guidelines by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Varicose veins should be treated with lasers, says NICE

By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online

People with varicose veins should be offered laser or heat treatment, say new guidelines for England and Wales.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says, in most cases, surgery should be a last resort.

Up to one third of adults in the UK develop varicose veins - swollen, unsightly and often painful veins that have stopped working properly.

As well as being less invasive for the patient, laser therapy is cheaper than surgery for the NHS, says NICE.

Some 35,000 varicose veins procedures are carried out in the NHS each year. Switching from surgery to these newer therapies could save the NHS £400,000 a year in England alone, says NICE.

'Better option'

There has been a gradual shift away from surgery, but many patients are still offered it as the first choice.

In some parts of the country, laser and heat treatment are rarely offered.

Although surgery will still be the best option for some, NICE says many patients should instead have either laser treatment or heat therapy (endothermal ablation).

Surgery takes around an hour-and-a-half and requires the patient to be given a general anaesthetic. They can usually go home on the same day if all goes well.

In comparison, heat or laser treatment takes about 60 minutes, the patient is awake throughout and they can normally be discharged within an hour or so of having the procedure.

These treatments are also less invasive than traditional surgery because they require fewer or smaller incisions.

For both laser treatment, a catheter is inserted into the offending vein and then a short burst of energy is delivered to close and seal it.

Prof Alun Davies, who helped write the new advice, said: "This guideline shows quite clearly that interventional laser treatment for some patients who are suffering from symptomatic varicose veins is a better alternative to surgery, and is both clinically and cost-effective. It will help standardise care for all those with this condition."

Varicose veins affect mainly older people, but also people who stand for long periods in their work and pregnant women.

They can be very uncomfortable and are a common cause of leg ulcers.

Laser & UGS For Varicose Veins

Written by Dr Rowan Stephens on Friday, 19 July 2013. Posted in Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins treated with Laser & UGS

These are the before and after treatment photographs of an active 36 year old man. He first noticed varicose veins aged 17, but they had become much worse in the previous five years.

His symptoms were of aching and pain in both legs, but worse in his right leg and foot. There was swelling in both lower legs, ankles and feet.

Following consultation and Ultrasound examination at Palm Clinic, we assessed him to be a suitable candidate for treatment with Endovenous Ablation and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy, which he underwent.

His symptoms were markedly improved at his three month check.  All symptoms were resolved at one year, and the swelling disappeared.

The “after” photographs were taken at twelve months post treatment.

He was delighted with the results.

Breast Reduction One Year Post Baby

Written by Dr John Barrett on Friday, 12 July 2013. Posted in Liposuction

Breast Reduction 14G to 14DD

This 37 year old woman had a one year old baby and had long since stopped breast feeding but was bothered by her large breasts which were 14G cup size and causing lots of discomfort with back pain. 

Liposuction immediately removed the back pain and by three months she was down to a 14DD and feeling much more comfortable.

Not having scars for a young woman is a huge benefit and by removing the weight off the breasts there is a resultant lift of the breasts as well.

She is thrilled with her new comfortable smaller breasts.

Liposuction Auckland Prices

Written by Dr John Barrett on Tuesday, 09 July 2013.

Liposuction Auckland Prices

Liposuction prices in Auckland will vary depending on the practitioner and the method used.  Typically liposuction performed under general anaesthesia is more expensive than liposuction performed under a type of anaesthetic called tumescent anaesthesia.

Dr Barrett at Palm Clinic only uses the tumescent anesthetic technique called liposculpture as he believes that better results are obtained.  This is because the patient can be moved as often as possible to see the body in a three dimensional perspective thus resulting in a better sculptural result.  The patient can also be asked to stand at the end of the procedure in order to check the effect of gravity on the results and then the patient can be laid down again for any fine tuning required.

Prices are generally cheaper for liposculpture because the procedure can be performed in theatres in private rooms rather than in a private hospital.  There is also no necessity for an anaesthetist with the tumescent anesthetic liposcution technique and this reduces the costs further.

Every patient is different in terms of what needs to be done for optimal results so Dr Barrett prefers to quote for the price at the initial consultation.  Dr Barrett suggests you look at a practitioners before and after results to see what sort of results are being achieved by that particular practitioner and make your decision on the aesthetic results rather than purely on price.

Lovehandles Removed with Liposculpture

Written by Dr John Barrett on Tuesday, 02 July 2013. Posted in Liposuction

Lovehandles removed with liposuction

Despite having been a very fit man all his life he has always had lovehandles which have made wearing lower fit trousers a problem as the lovehandles spilled over the top.

Liposculpture has taken away the excess fat in this area and he is now feeling much better about himself.

Long haul flights and the risk of a DVT (Deep vein thrombosis/clot)

Written by Dr Robyn Baker on Tuesday, 14 May 2013. Posted in Vein Treatments

While not common (up to 10% in some reported studies), long haul flights ie. those over 4 hours, can increase any individual’s risk of developing a DVT. This is particularly so if someone is over 60 years of age, has significant medical problems, is pregnant, is using oestrogen containing medications or has varicose vein disease.

Another simple method of helping to reduce this risk, apart from drinking plenty of non-alcoholic and caffeine-free beverages and frequently getting up to walk around, is to wear compression hosiery. There is no evidence that Aspirin protects against developing a DVT.

Palm clinic offers a full range of comfortable, affordable flight socks that our experienced team will fit for you.