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Appearance Treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, microdermabrasion and cosmetic mole removal are available at Palm Clinic by experienced medical practitioners.



The NEW e-Dermastamp is the next evolution of skin needling. Manufactured by the Genuine Dermaroller™, backed by German medical engineering is the highest quality, electric, skin micro-needling device available. Dermaroller have spent an extensive amount of time perfecting this new system. In fact, the release date has been pushed back as results of comparative studies showed that fewer needles on the tip (not more) proved greater in perforation, and (unlike the competitor) resulted in no dragging, tearing or scratching.

So what’s different? Well the motor is NOT found in the headpiece, it is separate. This separation has given the system stronger motor and quicker perforations into the skin. With the competitor, holes are created 50 times per second; the e-Dermastamp can perform with more than triple the penetration at 150 times per second.

Dermaroller has always excelled in treating fine lines, wrinkles, extended scar formations, narrow acne scars and stretchmarks. However, a technical gap was noticed in treating isolated and difficult to access hard-to-reach places like the nose and upper lip, wrinkles (lips and crow’s feet), scars (e.g. chickenpox scars, post Liposuction scars, etc) and stagnant deep wrinkles. The e-Dermastamp will fill this gap and will exceed all expectations!

The e-Dermastamp uses a unique spring-loaded “stamp” with changeable needle tip cartridges. Identical to the Dermaroller the sterile needles are for single-use only. The controlled precision of both the Dermaroller and e-Dermastamp demonstrates a non-ablative technique that does not damage the skin nor is the epidermis removed. Furthermore, with no thermal heat, clients experience minimal downtime.

During an e-Dermastamp treatment micro needles enter the skin 50-150 times per second. For a fraction of this time the needle tips push the epidermal scales aside and enter into the skin. The nerve sensors sense this tissue intrusion and, in return, they signal to other cells in the vicinity of 1 to 2 mm around the channel that a “possible” injury has taken place. The nerve signals trigger a wound healing response and cell proliferation occurs.

This is not to supersede Dermaroller treatment, as studies have still proven that by rolling we create a “static” field of electrical signals needed to trigger regeneration mechanisms. The skin’s conductivity increases, while the skins electrical resistance decreases, allowing the cell to release growth factors which are received by dermal stem cells, creating up to 1000 times more collagen from just one treatment!

Best possible results will be achieved when combining both the Dermaroller and the e-Dermastamp. The Dermaroller is used to stimulate collagen for the entire face and the e-Dermastamp to smooth any isolated wrinkles and scar tissue within the skin, giving a 70-80% improvement in skin texture, tone, scaring, elasticity and the reduction of redness/rosacea and stimulating up to 1000 times more collagen, puncturing and smoothing scar tissue, creating new fibroblasts and new capillary networks (which has resulted in slowing down the degradation of the skin). Combining both the e-Dermastamp and the Dermaroller, doubles the amount of perforations in the skin, which provides a greater opportunity to infuse a cocktail of skin-enhancing ingredients simultaneously. This instantly makes the skin topically hydrated, smooth & glowing! Wait to see it with your own eyes, it’s the only way to be convinced.

The e-Dermastamp™ is fully CE certified as a medical device and it will provide the procedures you want, with superior results.

Lytera™ Brightening Complex

Lytera™ Brightening Complex is the next generation skin brightening system that effectively addresses the appearance of skin discolouration and enhancing your skin’s luminosity.


What is unique about Lytera?

Lytera™ Brightening Complex uses innovation to deliver results! It incorporates a patented blend of ingredients that actively work together to gently exfoliate and help brighten and even skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots. This unique formula is free from hydroquinone and through a recently published clinical study, 85% of patients saw a greater improvement in their overall skin condition after 12 weeks of treatment, as compared to 68% of patients treated with 4% hydroquinone.


Lip Lines and Lip Hydration

This lovely set of lips belongs to a patient of mine who is a very beautiful 45 year old woman. She began noticing early signs of aging around her mouth. She wanted to have her lips returned to their youthful state.

I used a syringe of Juvederm Ultra to ease out her lip lines, her smile creases and her chin crease. Smoothing out these surrounding lines returned the attention to her beautiful lips. To finish I put some thin threads of Juvederm Ultra into both her top and bottom lips to give her some extra hydration and structure to the body of the lip without making them look obviously enhanced. She was delighted with her result.

Lifting the Brow with Dermal Filler

As we progress though our 40s, the bones and fat of the face start to shrink away, causing the overlying skin to sag, forming folds over the eyes, hollowing under the eyes, flattening of once rounded cheeks and formation of jowls. This can give a tired, saggy appearance to the face. We call this shrinkage of bone and fat 'volume loss'. We can treat volume loss by placing dermal filler under the skin to mimic the lost bone and fat: we call this 'volumizing".

These photos show the effect 'volumizing' the brow and frown area with dermal filler. I have used one syringe of Juvederm Ultraplus shared between both brows and the frown area. As you can see it has taken up the excess skin over the eyes and restored the curved contour of the brow bone, giving the natural light reflection under the brow that we often highlight with makeup. The eyes look fresher and more open. Placing this hydrating, nourishing hyaluranon substance has also improved the quality of the skin, reducing the appearance of pores and enhancing radiance.


Dr Sarah Hart trains Chinese Doctors in China

Dr Sarah Hart Training Doctors in China

Late last year I was privileged to be invited to speak to doctors in China about Appearance Medicine. Although I regularly teach doctors across Australia and NZ, this was my first trip to lecture in China, and quite a different experience. I visited Guangzhou and Fuzhou, home to 12 and 7 million people respectively. Interest in cosmetic facial injectable treatments in China is very high. As I passed through the Fuzhou airport I was surprised to see billboards promoting cosmetic medical clinics. This is not something we see in NZ. I spoke at four different cosmetic medical hospitals to an audience that spoke very little English while a skilled professional relayed the translation in Mandarin. Electronic media was very prominent. I have never had so many photos and videos taken both during and after my presentations. After hours my gracious hosts looked after me well and treated me to a myriad of delicacies, sampling exotic dishes such as bullfrog, pig's tripe and chicken claws. It seems Appearance Medicine has huge growth potential in China over the coming years and I will be watching with interest.      

Lip Hydration with Juvederm

Subtle lip hydration with Juvederm


A natural, subtle lip restoration with Juvederm Ultra

Many patients are fearful that their lips will look distorted or obviously enhanced when treated with filler. I am hardly surprised when I look at the overinflated, poorly proportioned lips featured in the celebrity gossip mags. Lip filler need not -in fact should not ever, in my opinion- be used to give an obvious, oversized look.

This result is a nice contrast to the "trout pouts" in the media. The patient requested improvement of the lines around her lips, hydration of her lip and definition of her lip shape. She did not want big lips, or for acquaintances to be able to detect she'd had treatment. Treating the lip lines to smooth them out and placing fine threads of hydrating filler into the lips has restored her existing beautiful shape with no trace of a trout in sight.

Lip Lines treated with Dermal Fillers

Lip lines treated with dermal fillers

These two photos, taken 2.5 years apart, show a lovely natural improvement of lip volume, lip shape, lip lines and mouth corners in a 57 year old woman. The first photo is before any treatment in April 2010. The second photo is taken minutes after finishing a syringe of Juvederm Ultra in November 2012 (hence the slight redness which I have covered with a dusting of powder). Gradually over 2.5 years I've done 5 treatments with Juvederm Ultra, placing it in the lips, the lip lines, the corners of the mouth, the chin and in the folds running from nose to mouth (naso-labial folds). I think you'll agree her mouth area looks much more youthful and gives a pleasant, approachable feeling to her expression.

Slowing down the aging face.

8 years of Botox and Fillers

These photos show one of my lovely patients (you'll recognise her from the video on our home page) aged 46 when she first started coming to me, compared with a recent photo aged 54. She's had no surgery, only Botox and dermal fillers. That's right, she's 54 in the photo on the right. I think she looks fresher and more vibrant now than 8 years ago, and wonderfully natural.

For women, the decade between 40 and 50 is usually a time of rapid facial aging. Gently relaxing selected facial muscles with Botox and supporting lax areas with dermal fillers can make a huge difference in how your face comes through those years of great change.

My patient's goal was maintenance and I wanted to keep her looking warm, cheerful and natural. To achieve this over the past 8 years we've followed a very gradual treatment program using small amounts of Botox regularly in frown lines, forehead lines, crow's feet and jawline and occasional Juvederm dermal filler to temples, cheeks, eye hollows, brows, frown, chin, jawline and lips. I think you'll agree we've acheived her goal and she looks refreshed and beautiful whilst retaining warmth and character in her face.


Refreshing the Lips

Dermal filler for lip enhancement

Before and after lip filler

These photos show the results of Botox and Juvederm dermal filler treatments of our resident beauty therapist, Lynette. One of the perks of working at Palm Clinic is getting treatment at low or no cost...but part of the deal is that we get to share the results! (As you can imagine, most of the time we are not able to share our results due to our patient's privacy needs).

Lynette's goal was a subtle freshening of her look, focusing on reducing signs of tiredness. Her right eyelid eyebrow was lower than the left and the resulting excess skin was bothersome when applying eye makeup. She is a sporty, no fuss type who prefers a natural look.

To address these needs, I used a little Botox in the brow area, tailoring it to lift her right brow more than her left. Next some Juvederm dermal filler was used to round out the contour of her browbone to lift the brow and take up some excess skin. Finally to address the flattening in the cheek area and thinning of lips that typically occurs with passing years, I placed Juvederm Voluma in her cheeks and Juvederm Ultra in her lips. The 'after' photo was taken minutes after finishing her lip filler treatment and thus is still slightly swollen.  

Fraxel Laser to treat pre-cancerous Actinic Keratoses.

Fraxel for Solar Keratoses

Fraxel Laser to treat pre-cancerous Actinic Keratoses.

Actinic Keratosis (solar keratosis) is a scaly, red lesion often found on sun prone areas such as the backs of hands, face and scalp. It is very common for European New Zealanders to develop actinic keratosis (AK's) , and indeed most people in New Zealand will develop AK's eventually.

These are important to identify and treat as they are considered pre-cancerous. As Actinic Keratoses, they do not pose a risk, but they have an increased risk of changing in to Squamous Cell Skin Cancer. This is a dangerous non-melanoma skin Cancer. It can spread to other parts of the body and can be lethal.

The 1927nm Fraxel laser has been proven effective at significantly reducing actinic keratoses on the face. It is best for mild keratoses. Alternative treatments for Actinic Keratosis are liquid nitrogen, or topical therapies such as Efudix or Aldara.

Dr. Martin Denby is a GP with a special interest in Skin Cancer. He performs skin checks using dermoscopy and management of Skin Cancers including surgery.


Eyelashes before and after Latisse

Short eyelashes? Wanting longer, thicker and darker eyelashes?

Now you can safely grow your own longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. After 16 weeks you can have lashes that are 25% longer, 106% fuller and 18% darker (clinical trial results seen in patients compared to untreated lashes).

As we age our eyelashes start to thin. Then there are those that may be fair-haired or have shorter less noticeable lashes even when they are young.

LATISSE topical solution is the first scientifically prescription only treatment that allows you to grow your own natural lashes, making them longer, darker and fuller in just 16 weeks.

These photos are real results achieved using LATISSE . No make-up, no retouching, just lovelier lashes resulting from once-nightly applications of LATISSE. After just 4 weeks you may start to see the difference, gradually building up to the longer, thicker, darker eyelashes.

LATISSE increases lash growth by extending the active growth cycle of the lash follicles.

Palm Clinic’s Appearance Medicine Specialist Dr’s and Nurses are available to see you for a consultation regarding a Latisse prescription.

There is really nothing better on the market for reliable eyelash growth than Latisse.  This once a day application produces long eyelashes within 16 weeks.  The photographs demonstrate the continued improvement through to three months.

A New Direction with Dermal Fillers

We've known for a while that 'volumising' the cheeks, or placing dermal filler in the cheeks can lift the lower face. This procedure is known as the 'liquid facelift'. It can achieve a beautiful natural lifting of the marionette lines and jowls, simply by filling the areas of the cheeks that have lost fullness over time.

Another area that can be amazing for retracting the jowls or tightening the jaw-line is the masseter, or chewing muscle area. By filling this in men, it can give a squarer, broader jaw and pull back on jowls at the same time. We use smaller amounts in women in order to pull back jowls, or tighten the jawline, without squaring off the jaw.

Dermal fillers are a natural product, created by bacteria in a laboratory. They are almost identical to the hyaluronic acid that is through-out our body. This means the rate of any allergic reaction is miniscule, about 1 in 25,000. The most common risk is that of bruising. In most cases, it is nothing more than a pin-point, but I always recommend that patients not have anything important on in the week following treatment, in case of more serious bruising.