Vulval Varicosities

Written by Dr Sam Dunn on Monday, 02 May 2011. Posted in Varicose Veins

Often women are embarassed to mention at a consultation that they have noticed swollen, painful veins on their vulva around the vaginal opening. They'll often arise or get worse during pregnancy and improve around 6 months after the delivery. If they don't, the best thing is to seek treatment as they're probably not going to improve by themselves after this time.

Vulval varicosities can be on the vulva or run down the inner thigh. They often accompany varicose veins and can be treated in the same way. Here at Palm Clinic we will often use ultrasound guided sclerotherapy to treat vulval varicosities. So don't put up with painful veins in the nether regions, there's a simple solution. Just ask!

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Dr Sam Dunn

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