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64yo before and after breast reduction by liposuction
64yo before and after breast reduction by liposuction
Breast reduction and Breast lift by liposuction
Breast reduction and Breast lift by liposuction
D cup breast reduced to a C cup with breast lift achieved.
D cup breast reduced to a C cup with breast lift achieved.
Breast Reduction and Lift by Liposuction
Breast Reduction and Lift by Liposuction

Breast Reduction Liposuction

Breast Reduction in Women by Liposuction or Breast Surgery

Liposuction for female breast reduction is now commonly performed by Dr John Barrett at Palm Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. Many women are burdened by large breasts and complain of aching neck, back pain, neck pain and headache. Many women would love to decrease the size of their breasts to increase comfort, but are unhappy to undergo plastic surgery which would leave large scars and possibly changed sensation to the nipple. They may not be able to afford the 2 weeks off work or normal lifestyle activities that conventional breast reduction surgery could take. Breast reduction by liposuction costs much less and the recovery period is dramatically reduced with most women returning to work 3 days after.

For women who are happy with the shape of their breasts and just want them smaller, between 40 and 60% of the volume of the breast can be removed by liposuction, totally under local anaesthetic. Scars are typically not an issue with breast reduction by liposuction as the entry sites are generally confined to 3 tiny incisions under the breasts or in the armpit.  This is particularly important for younger woman who want to avoid the tell tale T shaped scars caused by conventional breast reduction surgery.

Dr John Barrett is often asked how does the skin manage to contract when you remove the fat but this is seldom a problem in the breast area. Once the fat has been removed the skin is no longer pulled down by the weight of the breast tissue and is able to contract and produce a nice breast lift.

For the occasional woman who is not suitable for this liposuction breast reduction we refer you to a plastic surgeon for breast surgery.

More genuine before and after photo's of liposuction of the breasts can be viewed in our before & after liposuction image gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidiate for breast liposuction?

Any woman with large and heavy breasts, who is happy with the shape of her breasts, but just wants them smaller can be considered for this procedure.

Is anyone not a good candidate?

The best candidates for breast reduction by liposuction are those who have fatty breasts.  There will usually be a story of increased breast size with increasing general weight gain.  In these cases the cause of the increased breast size is deposition of fat in the breasts and in some women this area may gain fat in preference to any other area of the body.

At Palm Clinic we ultrasound the breast at the initial consultation to see how much fat versus breast tissue there is and we also insist on a mammogram to exclude the possibility of breast cancer before proceeding.


Is breast reduction by liposuction permanent?

Yes, the reduction in the size of the breasts is permanent, provided that your weight remains stable after the procedure.

What are the breast reduction costs?

Breast reduction prices vary but are considerably cheaper when performed by liposuction rather than breast surgery. An average cost is $6900 + GST.

Are there scars or changes to nipple sensation?

The small access holes are 1-2mm wide. There are usually 3-4 per side placed under the breast and under the armpit and these settle very quickly. They are not sutured after the procedure and essentially are invisible after a couple of weeks. As all the instruments used in this surgery are quite blunt, there is generally no change to how the nipple feels. This is very different to conventional surgery, where a large inverted T-shape incision is made and some of the nerves to the skin of the breast can be cut, altering sensation permanently.

Are any special tests necessary?

A mammogram is required before the procedure and again one year after the procedure is finished.

What support garments are required?

A special compressive chest garment is used for the first few days after the procedure and then a support bra is used for a further 2-4weeks after the procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

Most breast reduction procedures take around 2 hours to complete.

How much time will I need off?

In general you should plan on taking two to three days off work. It would be about three weeks before normal gym activities or jogging could be started.


Testimonial for Breast Reduction by Liposuction

Approaching forty years of age I finally decided that it was time to investigate breast reduction procedures. Since my teens I have been plagued with various health symptoms relating to large breasts. Back ache, neck ache, sweat rashes, breathlesness, poor posture and problems with clothes fitting properly. I had completed my family and my days of breastfeeding were well and truly over. I had recently gone through the stress of a cancer scare and felt that life was too short to continue with the discomfort brought on by large breasts on a medium frame. It was time to investigate the procedures available.

Breast liposuction v breast surgery.

I wanted the results but I did not want to put my body or mind through the invasive breast reduction surgery. I decided to make an appointment with Dr John Barrett at the Palm Clinic in Auckland and discuss breast liposuction.I was delighted when after examining my breasts and taking photographs he told me I was an excellent candidate for breast liposuction. Within two weeks I had booked the procedure.  Dr. Barrett and his wonderful team of nurses took all the necessary steps to ensure that I was comfortable before, during and after the procedure.It is just over two months since the procedure and I feel wonderful. The benefits to my health have been amazing. I was a DD cup and now I am able to wear a C cup. I feel very comfortable for the first time in many years. I feel more confident about my body and happier in myself. Thank you Dr. Barrett I would not hesitate to recommend breast liposuction to females who live with the day to day discomfort that large breasts can bring.