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Waist Liposuction

It is very common for women to have a fullness through the waist, especially after having children.

Fullness through the waist can often lead to a bunching up of some skin into folds at this level and just below the bra strap area.

Liposuction can dramatically improve the waist, reducing the waist measurement by several centimetres (5-7 would be average) as well as significantly decreasing and sometimes removing completely the rolls of skin beneath the bra strap.

Treatment of the waist area is often combined with treatment of the abdomen and/or the hips with dramatic improvements in shape.

Buying new clothes is easier (regular sizes fit) and clothes that had long since ceased to fit at all can now be worn again.

More genuine before and after photo's of liposuction of the waist can be viewed in our before & after image gallery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidiate for waist liposcupture?

If you can pick more than 2 centimetres of fatty tissue between your fingers at the side of your body at the level of the waist, you will probably achieve a real benefit from liposculpture to the waist.

Is it permanent? Are there any scars?

  • Is it permanent?
    Yes, the reduction in the size of the waist is permanent, though the final results may take a few months.
  • Are there any scars?
    There are generally 2-3 access points 2mm wide. These are not sutured after the procedure and essentially are invisible after a couple of weeks.

What other areas are treated at the same time?

The hips and abdomen are usually treated at the same session to give a balanced overall result and the most significant improvement to the torso.

How long does the procedure take?

Most procedures take from between 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

How much time will I need off?

In general you should plan on returning to work on day 3. It would be about 3 weeks before normal gym activities or jogging should be restarted.

What about the cost?

The cost of this procedure varies according to the areas that require treatment and whether the area is treated alone or in conjunction with other areas. (This is most common.) For an accurate costing, please click the Make an Appointment button or make an appointment by phoning Palm Clinic on (09) 522 8128.