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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer requires accurate diagnosis, biopsy and surgical excision.

Not all skin cancers arise from moles and in fact most skin cancers arise from areas on the skin that do not have moles - these are usually BCC's or SCC's.

If you think you have a skin cancer of any type (BCC, SCC, melanoma) please arrange for a full body skin and mole check. Palm Clinic has a special interest in skin cancer and uses dermoscopy to evaluate any suspicious skin lesions or moles. Dermatoscopy is the recommended method of evaluating potential skin cancers and is preferred to a simple mole map which just takes serial photographs.  There is no substitute for a thorough skin assessment by a doctor with a special interest in skin cancer. At Palm Clinic our doctors can perform the skin check (including dermoscopy) and arrange for a biopsy for accurate diagnosis and excision for the best possible clinical and cosmetic outcome.

Southern Cross Health Society

Palm Clinic is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society for skin cancer treatment, skin biopsies, and skin cancer surgery. Medical necessity criteria apply.