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Palm Clinic offers a type of liposuction for body contouring, called liposculpture, for minimum downtime and the best sculptural results. Dr John Barrett has performed over 1000 cases involving all parts of the body.

Be back to work in 3 days and wear garments for 3 days only.

Dr John Barrett of Palm Clinic, based in Auckland, New Zealand trained with Dr Jeffrey Klein in California, Dr Mark Goyen in Sydney and with the originators of liposuction; Dr Giorgio Fischer from Rome and Dr Pierre Fournier from Paris. Dr Klein developed the tumescent anaesthesia technique for fat removal by liposuction which has dramatically improved the safety of liposuction.

Liposuction literally means suction of fat and can be used to remove fat from anywhere on the body but common requested areas are abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, waist, ankles and calves, breast reduction, chin and jowls, flanks, male chest.

Genuine before and after photo's of liposuction can be viewed in our before & after image gallery.

Tumescent anaesthesia is a local anaesthetic technique using very dilute quantities of lignocaine and adrenaline (epinephrine) which allows the procedure to be performed without general anaesthesia. Light sedation is used to further enhance patient comfort during liposuction. Most patients are able to return to work within 3 days.

Liposuction is not a method of weight reduction. It is best used on patients who exercise regularly, have a good diet but are still unable to remove stubborn areas of fat. These areas are often genetically pre-determined.

Liposculpture (liposuction performed under tumescent anaesthesia) requires an aesthetic eye to ensure ideal body contour. Excellent technique requires constant review during the procedure for the best 3D results. Patients stand toward the end of the procedure to assess the effect of gravity and ensure the contour is just right.

Most patients chat during the procedure while others drift off to sleep. Most are back to work on day 3 and the leakage of tumescent fluid has normally ceased the day after the procedure. There will be some swelling and variable bruising for up to 2-3 weeks. Most of the results will be apparent within 3-6 weeks however further skin tightening can take a few months to occur.

Liposuction prices and costs will be discussed at the initial consultation as they vary considerably.

The History of Liposculpture

For decades many people have wanted to change their appearance and shape by removing deposits of excess fatty tissue. This dream became a reality beginning in the 1970's and 1980's. The procedure of liposuction, initially called suction assisted lipectomy was invented by Dr Giorgio Fisher in Rome. Further developments were made by Yves Illouz in Paris, but another Parisian Dr. Pierre Fournier was a sentinel figure in making the technique more popular. The technique spread to America early. Continually refined in both Europe and America it is now the world's most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

Modern liposuction though really came of age when transformed by Dr. Jeffrey Klein of San Juan Capistrano in California. Since 1985 he has developed what is now called the tumescent technique in which a local anaesthetic solution is used to numb the tissue before the procedure is commenced. This solution also vastly reduces the amount of bruising after the procedure, which used to be a major complication of conventional liposuction surgery.

Much more refined results are possible with tumescent liposuction (often referred to as liposculpture) than with conventional liposuction. As the patient can stand towards the end of the procedure final adjustments can be performed which improves the overall result. The figure can be truly sculpted. Liposuction has a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Differences between liposculpture liposuction and conventional liposuction at a glance.


Tumescent Liposuction (Liposculpture)

Conventional Liposuction


Utmost safety, no general anaesthetic required

General Anaesthetic required

Effective control of pain during and after the procedure

Extra analgesia required after procedure
3 More even pleasing contour is achieved as final adjustments can be made towards the end of the procedure No ability to fine tune the result during the procedure; higher rate of re-dos to achieve acceptable results
4 Minimal bleeding and bruising Often considerable bruising and sometimes bleeding
5 Short recovery time following the procedure Prolonged recovery time
6 Rapid return to work and normal activities More time off work generally required
7 Tiny puncture points; no stitches Larger puncture points, sometimes stitches are needed
8 No hospital stay Hospital admission usual
9 Substantially lower cost. More expensive procedure

Liposculpture removes the bulges restoring the youthful curve over the waist and hip.

Outer Thighs

Outer thighs or "Saddle bags" in women are accumulations of fat over the outer thigh. Removing them gets rid of the bulge which you see from looking directly in front or behind. Even though little work is often done to the buttock itself, the buttock crease appear to have been drawn outwards giving a more natural appearance. Careful liposuction can also raise this crease slightly, giving a much more youthful look. The change in appearance is often dramatic.

Inner Thighs

Often there is a fullness to the inner thighs which can rub together when walking or running. Liposculpture can substantially reduce this bulkiness and give a natural curve to the inner thigh at the top. Usually it is possible to prevent the legs from rubbing together. Combined with liposuction to the outer thighs, most clothes, particularly jeans and tight pants will fit more comfortably.


A small pad of fatty tissue is often present on the inside of the knee, slightly above where the bone of the knee joint protrudes (though there may be other fatty deposits as well). Liposculpture can remove this bulge, so that the knee is defined by the bone, rather than the fatty pad above it. It is common to perform liposuction on more than one area at any one time, and many women find that combining a refinement to the knee and outer and inner thigh at the same time is a well balanced procedure, giving the best results.

Whole Leg

Sometimes there is a general increase in the fatty tissue of the leg and treatment above and below the knee is necessary to reduce the volume of the fatty material and allow it to be reduced in size.  This typically requires at least two treatments to achieve.


The abdomen is a problem area for many women, particularly after childbirth. Unwanted accumulations of fat can make clothes difficult to fit and can be persistently annoying. Liposuction is extremely helpful in these situations, and skin laxity is rarely a problem after the procedure. The abdomen can benefit from treatment in women whether it is large or small. Both the upper and lower abdomen are usually treated. Many women comment that bending over is easier because the bulging midriff area is eliminated. In most cases Dr Barrett recommends that the hips are treated at the same time for the best results.


Full hips make the body look squarish, matronly and full. Either alone, or in combination with the abdomen, it is possible to refine the outline to give a more youthful feminine appearance, improving the waist and refining the outline. Often a combined procedure either with the abdomen or on the flanks and outer thighs is performed at the same time to refine the outline from top to bottom.

Breast Reduction

Liposuction to the female breast is an increasingly commonly performed procedure. It is a genuine alternative to conventional surgery for many women.  Usually the breast reduction also results in a breast lift.

Other areas can be treated as well including isolated areas of fatty deposits over the back and on the upper arm. The calves and thighs themselves are also areas where liposculpture can be very helpful in achieving the desired shape. (In fact, virtually any area can respond well to liposuction with no visible scars or loose skin.) See the web page listing in the menu to your left to look in more detail at all the specific areas.


In both men and women the neck and under the chin can be successfully sculptured to give a more youthful appearance. Of all the areas of the body which can be sculpted, sometimes the neck can be the most rejuvenating, even though only a small amount of fatty tissue is removed. The underlying skin firmly attaches to the structures beneath, and just as with other areas of the body, looseness of the skin is very unusual.

Men's Love Handles

In general men's unwanted fatty deposits are most commonly over the abdomen and the flanks or 'love handles'. Liposuction can help men achieve a fitter looking, more masculine shape. Dramatic improvement can be achieved in outline. But it is not only men with substantial deposits of fat that can be treated effectively with liposculpture. Some men who have relatively small volumes removed can have a greater percentage of the fat taken away from an area achieving a dramatic and permanent change in shape.

Men's Breast Reduction

Breast reduction in men is a very commonly requested procedure, regardless of whether the material is fatty tissue, breast tissue or a combination of both. Hereditary deposits of fat over the breast can often cause men unwanted embarrassment, a problem which liposculpture can eliminate. It is possible to go to the beach and wear tighter fitting shirts with new confidence.

Men's Neck

The neck and under the chin can be successfully sculptured to give a more youthful appearance. Of all the areas of the body which can be treated with liposculpture, the neck can be the most rejuvenating. Many people will comment that you look younger without even realising just why.The underlying skin firmly attaches to the structures beneath, and just as with other areas of the body, looseness of the skin is very unusual.