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Facial Veins and Rosacea Treatment

Facial veins are often red or purple in appearance and are difficult to easily disguise. At Palm Clinic we are typically able to improve face veins and rosacea by around 70-80% and in some cases can achieve complete clearance.

Facial spider veins and associated conditions such as rosacea are often worrying to sufferers because of their prominence on the facial, neck or chest areas. Face veins can occur:

  • Commonly in men and women
  • Are often an inherited trait from parents
  • As a result of chronic sun exposure
  • As a result of wind damage
  • As a result of temperature extremes
  • Large Spider Veins

Face veins appear in red or purple colours on the face or nose. Facial spider veins tend to occur more commonly on either the nose or cheeks of fair skinned people. These large red or purple veins on the face or nose which look obvious as individual veins, are best treated by laser or IPL such as Elos Aurora, Coolglide Excel vascular laser or Photoderm IPL. Because Palm Clinic has a range of lasers available we are able to combine technology to ensure the best treatment is provided for your particular problem. In some cases with very large facial veins we use microsclerotherapy as well as lasers.

 “Clare, I was impressed by your laser treatment to the veins on the tip of the patients nose.  Could you let me know what devices you use so that I can refer further patients to you when indicated”.  Stephen Gilbert -Cosmetic Surgeon

Facial Flushing

Facial Flushing is caused by small spider veins that are not clearly visible and give the appearance of red flushing which is often seen on the facial, neck or chest areas. This usually follows embarassment, exercise, coffee, tea or alcohol. People who suffer from flushing may have the condition rosacea (see below). Photoderm IPL or Elos Aurora are the best non-surgical treatments to improve this problem. For severe cases of facial flushing a surgical procedure called "endoscopic cervical sympathectomy" can be performed on referral from Palm Clinic.

Poikiloderma of Cervatte

Poikiloderma of Cervatte is a particular term for a type of red veins on the neck and chest. Sometimes it can be related to use of perfume or aftershave combined with sun exposure. This is a blush of very fine red veins on the neck, and redness can also extend to the chest area. Sometimes abnormal pigment (brown spots) are also found in these areas. The best treatment for this condition is Photoderm IPL, Elos Aurora and Coolglide Excel vascular laser.

Redness on the Neck

This is often due to Poikiloderma (see above) and is best treated by the Photoderm IPL, Elos Aurora and Coolglide Excel vascular laser.


Rosacea is a skin condition consisting of prominent redness, facial veins and sometimes pustules, usually on the central part of the face such as the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. The skin is often sensitive to perfumes and creams reacting with stinging and redness. Rosacea is more commonly found in women aged over 30 and people of Celtic ancestry with pale skin and blue eyes. Traditional treatment for rosacea consists of long-term antibiotics such as minocycline and topical gels such as Rosex. These address the pustules but do little to reduce the redness of rosacea. Photoderm IPL, Elos Aurora and Coolglide Excel laser can improve the redness and facial veins of rosacea after a series of treatments. The flushing reaction is also often reduced. To maintain the result shorter courses of treatment may be neccessary every couple of years.

Before and After Photos of Facial Vein Treatment

These before and after photos following IPL treatment at Palm Clinic shows significant clearance of the facial veins.

Palm Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand has a team of expert doctors who specialise in the management of facial veins and rosacea with Elos IPL and Coolglide Excel vascular laser. For an appointment click on Book an Appointment or phone 09 522 8128.