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Varicose Ulcers

Varicose ulcers are a serious complication of varicose veins and the ulcers are best treated by treating the underlying varicose veins.

 Varicose UlcerVaricose ulcers are a major problem for many Varicose Veins sufferers. The venous leg ulcers can require constant dressings and take weeks to months to heal causing huge inconvenience for patients and enormous cost for the health system. It is important that the cause of the varicose ulcers is treated, namely the abnormal varicose veins.

The best treatment for varicose ulcers is therefore Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) or Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) of the varicose veins. This restores the normal venous circulation through the deep veins and allows normalisation of nutrition in the skin which allows healing of the ulcers.  If there is swelling (oedema) associated with the ulcers this needs to be corrected with Compression Stockings but the swelling will usually settle once the varicose veins have been treated.  Management of the ulcers before treatment of the varicose veins consists of compression hosiery and regular dressings but it is best to start treatment of the varicose veins as soon as possible.  Generally the ulcers will heal within a few weeks of treating the varicose veins.

Treatment of the underlying varicose veins, and therefore the ulcers, is covered by all major insurance companies such as Southern Cross, Sovereign, NIB (formerly Tower), Unimed and others. Palm Clinic is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Healthcare and a preferred provider for NIB.

Please note that individual results may vary from patient to patient, and the information provided on our website is only a guidance to the possible results.