For cosmetic removal of moles and skin growths that do not exhibit any signs of skin cancer Palm Clinic uses a non surgical treatment called Surgitron.

Mole removal with Surgitron
Mole removal with Surgitron

For cosmetic mole removal Surgitron is able to remove the skin growths with minimal risk of scarring because the growths are simply shaved off level with the skin. That means no surgery, no scars, no bleeding and no stitches.

Moles and skins growths are a problem that many clients have removed because they:

  1. Are very conscious of the growths and would feel more confident if they were not there.
  2. Are a result of too much sun exposure – and have been advised to have them removed.
Mole removal with Surgitron
Mole removal with Surgitron

Common skin lesions:

  • Moles – usually brown and circular. They may be flat or raised and have even or irregular pigmentation. If they have changed recently they should be checked by a doctor to exclude melanoma (cancer change in the mole).
  • Skin Tags - fleshy growths usually on a stalk. They are often seen around the underarm, under breasts or in the groin.
  • Seborrhoeic keratoses - look warty and are usually brown in colour. They are soft and often break off if scratched. They are common in people over 35.
  • Actinic keratoses - these are hard scaly patches on sun exposed areas of the skin. The scale can be picked off but will always regrow and can lead to skin cancer over time.
  • Skin cancers - these can be basal cell cancers (BCC) or squamous cell cancers (SCC) or melanomas.
  • Raised lesions - any growth above the skin is a skin lesion. Most are unimportant but some can be skin cancers so they should be checked by a doctor.
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