Laser Skin Resurfacing

The latest Fraxel Dual resurfacing laser for improved skin texture, acne scarring, brown spots and melasma is available at Palm Clinic.
laser skin resurfacing
Individual results may vary
Laser resurfacing used to involve stripping off the entire outer surface of the skin. Fortunately laser resurfacing has been revolutionised by a new technique called Fraxel Dual fractional resurfacing. This new procedure resurfaces the skin 20-30% at a time giving a safer, more natural result with less downtime. See under Fraxel Dual Laser Medical Grade.
Laser resurfacing with older ablative lasers like the CO2 or Erbium involves greater risks and considerable downtime. This is especially so with CO2 resurfacing and less so with Erbium resurfacing.
These old laser resurfacing techniques with CO2 and Erbium lasers are less popular internationally and have been replaced in many centres with non-ablative or fractional treatments like Fraxel Dual and Elos IPL which are available at Palm Clinic. Non-ablative means that the skin surface is not affected and therefore you can apply makeup straight away minimising downtime.
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