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Breasts Liposuction Images*

Female Liposuction Breast Reduction*

Female Liposuction Breast Lift*

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We are often asked how does the skin manage to contract when you remove the fat but this is seldom a problem in the breast area. Once the fat has been removed the skin is no longer pulled down by the weight of the breast and is able to contract and produce a nice breast lift.*

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This patient was very keen to avoid the scars of a surgical breast reduction and has been delighted by the results of her breast reduction by liposuction. I was also able to remedy the assymetry in her breasts by removing more fat from the left breast. Note the increased distance between her tummy button and the bottom of the breasts in the after photo indicating how much lift she has had. There are no surgical scars as the liposuction is performed through tiny holes in the breast crease.*

* Please note that individual results may vary from patient to patient, and the information provided on our website is only a guidance to the possible results.