Abdomen and hips before and after liposculpture

900 cases of Liposuction

Dr John Barrett has performed 900 cases of liposuction at Palm Clinic.  All cases have been performed under a special type of local anaesthetic called tumescent anaesthesia.  When performed this way we call the procedure liposculpture.

The reason it is called liposculpture is that the patient is awake and only mildly sedated so you can be moved as often as necessary to achieve a three dimensional perspective for optimal body sculpturing to produce the best possible body contour.  At the end of the procedure we can stand you up to see what impact the effect of gravity has on the results and then do any fine tuning.

With liposculpture you will be able to return to work in three days and you only need three days in garments because the cannulas we use for liposculpture are very small so there is less trauma, less swelling and this results in a much quicker recovery time than standard liposuction performed under general anaesthetic.

The most common cases that Dr Barrett performs are the tummy and hips with the thighs also very popular.  Dr Barrett is performing more and more breast reduction with liposculpture which results is an excellent reduction and typically a nice lift as well.  The big advantage of breast reduction performed this way is there are no telltale scars and a very quick postoperative recovery.

Essentially any area of fat deposits on the body can be removed and sculptured to produce a more pleasing body contour.

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