Asymmetrical breasts

Uneven breasts treated with liposuction. Asymmetrical breasts are surprisingly common.  Very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts but some women have a large discrepancy in size which causes problems with fitting standard bras.  For many women with very asymmetrical breasts it can be embarrassing in new relationships.

The answer to uneven breasts may be as simple as breast reduction of the larger breast by liposuction or reducing the size of both breasts if they are both large but unequal in size.  This is achieved by measuring each breast before liposuction and removing the differnce from the larger breast before making further equal reduction to both breasts.

In the photo you can see that I have reduced the size of both breasts but by taking more off the left breast they are now nearly equal in size and both have lifted significantly because of the reduction in weight of the breasts.

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