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  • I’m interested in Botox, but injections into my face sounds scary.
I’m interested in Botox, but injections into my face sounds scary.

I’m interested in Botox, but injections into my face sounds scary.

Botox is a natural, purified protein. It is not only used for cosmetic purposes, but also for many purely medical uses. For example it is used in much higher doses very safely, even in young children with cerebral palsy, with wonderful results.

Botox will relax the specific facial muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles that are formed during facial expressions.

At Palm Clinic, Botox is injected by experienced “Advanced Level” medically trained Doctors and Nurses. A very small, very fine needle is used. Each little injection will sting for a few seconds. It takes 2-3 days for Botox to start to take effect, and 1-2 weeks to see the full effect.

Everyone is different, we do not use a “one Botox dose fits everyone”, we will treat your face specifically for your needs and concerns, and explain very clearly to you the whole process. You can have a 30-45 minute consultation with one of our experienced Nurses or Doctors for $100. If you decide to have a Botox treatment of 20 units or more at that time, we will refund the consultation fee.

Botox and Dysport are Prescription Medicines containing 100 units of clostridium botulinum Type A toxin complex for injection. It is used for the treatment of severe frown lines of the face. It should be administered only by trained medical professionals. Arrange a consultation to discuss the benefits/risks of this procedure in appearance medicine. Cautions: people with defective neuromuscular transmission disorders, presence of infection at site of injection, glaucoma, pregnancy and lactation. Possible side effects include headaches, pain, burning or redness at injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eyelids, lack of feeling and nausea. If you have side effects or concerns speak to a doctor. A charge applies. Note: Botox and Dysport treatment lasts about 4 months and after this time further courses of treatment could be necessary. Arrange a consultation to discuss your own situation.

1 Benedetto A. The Cosmetic Uses of Botulinum toxin type A. Int J Dermatol 1999, 38:6641.655

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam DunnConsulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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