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Want dermal filler without the bruising?

Dermal filler, or Juvederm is one of my favourite tools to rejuvenate the face. I love the
way it smooths lines or lifts sunken areas to make you look more youthful, while
retaining a natural appearance.  I like that it doesn't affect movement of your face so
your expression remains unchanged. The one downside of dermal filler is that it can
cause bruising. With the busy lives we all lead now, the downtime associated with bruising
is sometimes unacceptable. Now, with the use of a "blunt cannula" we can freshen your
face with dermal fillers with minimal risk of bruising. A great result, without the downtime.

About the Author

Dr Sam Dunn

Dr Sam Dunn

Dr Sam Dunn is an appearance medicine and vein physician at Palm Clinic. He is a Fellow of the NZ College of Appearance Medicine, a Member of the Australasian College of Phlebology, and a Member of the Australian Skin Cancer College. Read Dr Sam Dunn's full bio here.

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