Liposuction Auckland Prices

Liposuction prices in Auckland will vary depending on the practitioner and the method used. Typically liposuction performed under general anaesthesia is more expensive than liposuction performed under a type of anaesthetic called tumescent anaesthesia.

Dr Barrett at Palm Clinic only uses the tumescent anesthetic technique called liposculpture as he believes that better results are obtained.  This is because the patient can be moved as often as possible to see the body in a three dimensional perspective thus resulting in a better sculptural result.  The patient can also be asked to stand at the end of the procedure in order to check the effect of gravity on the results and then the patient can be laid down again for any fine tuning required.

Prices are generally cheaper for liposculpture because the procedure can be performed in theatres in private rooms rather than in a private hospital.  There is also no necessity for an anaesthetist with the tumescent anesthetic liposcution technique and this reduces the costs further.

Every patient is different in terms of what needs to be done for optimal results so Dr Barrett prefers to quote for the price at the initial consultation.  Dr Barrett suggests you look at a practitioners before and after results to see what sort of results are being achieved by that particular practitioner and make your decision on the aesthetic results rather than purely on price.

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