Male chest reduction

Many men complain of "Man Boobs" or "Moobs" which in our outdoor focused, body conscious and beach going Kiwi culture becomes a hugely distressing problem. Often our male friends may be less than helpful in teasing sufferers of this  condition which is also called Gynaecomastia.

While in male adolescence this problem is usually due to hormonal influences and will in the main resolve over time in the adult male this is not the case and surgical intervention is the most effective treatment.

The most common example in adult males is that of pseudo Gynaeco (feminine) Mastia (breasts)-these patients have varying combinations of excess chest fat plus firm gritty breast tissue under the nipple. The exact cause is unknown but obesity and lack of exercise are important factors. It does seem that pseudo gynaecomastia is on the increase in Western Society at the same time as  obesity increases and testosterone levels and sperm counts are falling. The chemical BPA (Bisphenol A) in some plastics has also been implicated in this trend. In men who predominantly have fatty tissue liposuction is a very effective treatment under local tumescent anaesthetic and oral sedation. However if there is also a gritty lump of breast tissue below the nipple liposuction is best combined with a surgical excision through a small incision hidden along the edge of the areola. True gynaecomastia is rare in adult males. Breast Cancer and the Chromosomal anomaly know as Kleinfelter's Syndrome must be excluded. Anabolic steroid use and other drugs such as alcohol, eostrogen, cimetidine, heroin, marijuana to name a few are also implicated. A supportive consultation is followed by a thorough examination and investigations to exclude any of the rare conditions described above.

We will then advise you of the best treatment plan to give you a flat chest, to get you back to wearing T shirts and off to the beach or gym with confidence. We will also remind you that to maintain the result you will need to continue with a healthy diet and a balanced exercise plan.

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