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Surgitron Treatment for Cosmetic Mole Removal

Surgitron- a quick, safe and easy way to fix moles of cosmetic concern. A lot of people have moles on their face and body they're not happy with. Surgitron is a great way to get rid of moles, with the smallest possible risk of leaving a scar. The secret is to shave the mole off, rather than cut it out, as in the traditional technique. This means less damage to the skin, and thereby less risk of a scar.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, so other than a short sting, it is painless. There is little to no discomfort following the procedure.

Surgitron also has the benefit of not requiring sutures. The wound heals very quickly. In most cases, the wound left from surgitron on the face will heal within one week. It is dressed for around one week, and while dressed you must not expose the wound to bugs. This means avoiding swimming in spas/pools or the sea over this time. Otherwise, you can continue with life as usual.

The alternative is surgical excision. This requires sutures and carries a greater risk of leaving a scar.

We recommend you have a general skin check for skin cancer before Surgitron treatment.  At that check we will perform dermatoscopy. If we have any concerns that a mole may be an early skin cancer the mole would be removed surgically and sent to the laboratory for histological analysis.

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