Ultrasound and Vein Mapping

An ultrasound map will show if your leg veins are competent and working correctly or incompetent and allowing blood to flow the wrong way.  Using grey scale ultrasound we can access the size, location and tortuosity of your veins. 

We can also see how the valves are functioning and can localise tributaries and document these on a map for treatment.

Colour imaging is used to show flow direction of the veins.  Using pulsed Doppler we will obtain a graphic display and audible signal denoting flow direction.  We scan both the deep and superficial veins.

The superficial veins are the veins that become incompetent and varicosed. The deep veins are very important veins as they carry about 90% of the normal blood flow back to the heart and lungs.  These deep veins are checked to ensure they are normal prior to treatment of the superficial varicose veins.

After your map you will know what treatment is best for your veins.

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