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Are acne scars destroying your confidence?

Scars can be detrimental to confidence at any age. However, help is at hand in the form of laser and dermal techniques. Palm Clinic has Fraxel Laser Dual, which means we have two different Fraxel laser types, which treat different conditions, at different depths and intensities.  The Fraxel Dual includes both the Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Refine.

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How a skin therapy specialist achieves visible results

After working in advertising for nearly twenty years I decided to make a change by packing in a highly successful career and going back to University. After studying a few podiatry papers I realised a more “hands-on” approach with people was for me and sought to find a career with more of a feel-good factor. This led me into holistic therapies and after studying for another two years I started working as a beauty therapist in a Spa environment. 

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Dermal fillers help to turn back the clock

Dermal fillers are a brilliant tool in the world of appearance medicine. These gel-like substances are injected into the skin to defy lines, soften folds and balance any asymmetries in the face. At Palm Clinic, we have a range of dermal fillers available; our most popular being Juvederm. Both are non-animal hyaluron fillers made up of the same hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in our skin. These are the safest forms of dermal fillers and an ideal choice for skin rejuvenation.

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All you need to know about varicose veins treatment

Having a procedure done can be a daunting process. To alleviate that stress and anticipation, the team at Palm Clinic have created a video to ease your woes. Featuring Dr Sam Dunn, as well as the ultrasound team, it provides great insight into the questions someone suffering from varicose vein issues may have. We have taken all the gems of knowledge from that video and transferred it into this post for easy written reference.

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Meet the new members of the Palm Clinic team

Change, as they say, is a good thing and we agree. It leads to new beginnings and that couldn’t be more true for our new members at Palm Clinic. We are very pleased to welcome and introduce them. Bonnie Morrow - Cosmetic Medicine Nurse.

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Improve broken face veins and rosacea by 70 to 80%

Fine, red lines on the face are one of the many skin changes we may begin to notice with age. Although tiny, these broken blood vessels or capillaries are visible beneath the skin’s surface and their prominence can often be distressing for those who suffer from them.

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Skin pigmentation causes and treatments clarified

Here in New Zealand we love the sun and the bright, joyful vibrancy that summer brings. However with the warm, hazy enjoyment of summer vacations comes a darker side and that side is often branded across our faces in the form of pigmentation. Pigmentation problems are common in New Zealand, often caused by our love of the sun and New Zealand’s overall high UV rates. Sun exposure can cause a number of cosmetic concerns, namely fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation. However, with pigmentation other factors can come into play to form a range of concerns from sun spots, melasma, age spots, seborrhoiec keratosis and pigmented birth marks.

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How tumescent liposuction can improve your appearance

Appearance is one facet of life where we can exert some control – our style of hair, makeup and clothing, size and shape of our bodies. Diet and exercise can help us to shed kilos and look better in our clothing; however it’s not always that easy and we can and do experience troublesome, problem areas. Troubled by your tummy’s appearance? The abdomen or tummy area is a problem spot for many women, particularly after childbirth. No matter how restrictive the diet or how many crunches one does, the fat deposits do not seem to budge. Fortunately, the abdomen is an area of the body that responds extremely well to liposuction.

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Liposuction can streamline and shape your body

Liposuction requires a trained aesthetic eye; this along with excellent technique and constant review during the procedure will deliver the best final results.

No matter what the area of concern, we will be able to apply our many years of experience and knowledge to inform you of the realistic transformational affects and deliver it for you. 

Start the conversation… because like all surgical procedures there are risks associated with liposuction.

If you are curious or keen to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for Liposuction, a full assessment can be made at your initial consultation and recommendations given including costs.

What areas can be treated?

Outer Thighs

"Saddle bags" as they are often known, are accumulations of fat over the outer thigh. Removing this fat gets rid of the bulge and delivers a shapelier affect. 

Inner Thighs

Often there is fullness to the inner thighs which can cause discomfort as they rub together when walking or running. Liposuction can substantially reduce this bulkiness and give a natural curve to the inner thigh. 


A small pad of fatty tissue is often present on the inside of the knee. Liposuction can remove this bulge, so that the knee is defined by the bone, rather than the fatty pad above it. 

Whole Leg

Sometimes there is a general increase in the fatty tissue of the leg and treatment above and below the knee is necessary to reduce the volume of the fatty material and allow it to be reduced in size. 


The abdomen is a problem area for many women, particularly after childbirth. Liposuction is helpful in these situations, and skin laxity is rarely a problem after the procedure.  


Full hips can have an unpleasant effect on the overall shape of the body. Either alone, or in combination with the abdomen, it is possible to refine the outline to give a more youthful feminine appearance.


In both men and women the neck and under the chin can be successfully sculptured to give a more youthful appearance. 

Men's Love Handles

In general men's unwanted fatty deposits are most commonly over the abdomen and the flanks or 'love handles'. Liposuction can help men achieve a leaner and more masculine shape.

Women's Neck

The neck and under the chin can be successfully sculptured to give a more youthful appearance. 

Contact us here if you have any questions or if you would like to book a consultation.

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam DunnConsulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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