Long haul flights and the risk of a DVT (Deep vein thrombosis/clot)

While not common (up to 10% in some reported studies), long haul flights ie. those over four hours, can increase any individual’s risk of developing a DVT. This is particularly so if someone is over 60 years of age, has significant medical problems, is pregnant, is using oestrogen containing medications or has varicose vein disease.

Another simple method of helping to reduce this risk, apart from drinking plenty of non-alcoholic and caffeine-free beverages and frequently getting up to walk around, is to wear compression hosiery. There is no evidence that Aspirin protects against developing a DVT.

Palm clinic offers a full range of comfortable, affordable flight socks that our experienced team will fit for you.

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Venous Leg Ulcers

Patients coming to Palm Clinic regarding their varicose veins are often concerned that they may develop a venous leg ulcer. They recall an older relative "who used to have awful legs with ulcers, and I do not want that".

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The NEW e-Dermastamp is the next evolution of skin needling. Manufactured by the Genuine Dermaroller™, backed by German medical engineering is the highest quality, electric, skin micro-needling device available. Dermaroller have spent an extensive amount of time perfecting this new system. In fact, the release date has been pushed back as results of comparative studies showed that fewer needles on the tip (not more) proved greater in perforation, and (unlike the competitor) resulted in no dragging, tearing or scratching.

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Lytera™ Brightening Complex

Lytera™ Brightening Complex is the next generation skin brightening system that effectively addresses the appearance of skin discolouration and enhancing your skin’s luminosity.

What is unique about Lytera?

Lytera™ Brightening Complex uses innovation to deliver results! It incorporates a patented blend of ingredients that actively work together to gently exfoliate and help brighten and even skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots. This unique formula is free from hydroquinone and through a recently published clinical study, 85% of patients saw a greater improvement in their overall skin condition after 12 weeks of treatment, as compared to 68% of patients treated with 4% hydroquinone.

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Fraxel Laser for Acne Scarring and Improved Skin Texture

Fraxel Dual laser was used in this patient for improvement of acne scarring and general skin texture.

Fraxel is a fractionated resurfacing laser which significantly reduces the risks and downtime with deep resurfacing of the skin.  This makes it the treatment of choice for deep remodelling of the skin and for collagen regeneration resulting in a significantly smoother skin profile.

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Lip Lines and Lip Hydration

This lovely set of lips belongs to a patient of mine who is a very beautiful 45 year old woman. She began noticing early signs of aging around her mouth. She wanted to have her lips returned to their youthful state.

I used a syringe of Juvederm Ultra to ease out her lip lines, her smile creases and her chin crease. Smoothing out these surrounding lines returned the attention to her beautiful lips. To finish I put some thin threads of Juvederm Ultra into both her top and bottom lips to give her some extra hydration and structure to the body of the lip without making them look obviously enhanced. She was delighted with her result.

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Rosacea Treated with Elos

This patients rosacea has been treated with Elos IPL with good improvement in the facial veins. Most rosacea patients require at least two to three treatments to attain this level of clearance.

Treatments with medical grade Elos are generally spaced 4-6 weeks apart to allow all inflammation from the first treatment to settle.

The freckles have also improved with the same treatment.

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Liposculpture to Abdomen with Stretchmarks

When considering patients for liposuction or liposculpture skin tone is an important factor to consider.  Generally those with poor skin tone do not so well as the skin does not retract as well as those with good skin tone.

Stretchmarks can be a good indicator of skin tone and these generally show with rapid growth, rapid weight gain and/or pregnancy.

In this patient the stretchmarks were very apparent after pregnancy.  Despite this she has had a very good result from liposculpture.  Of course the stretchmarks remain but the contour is much more pleasing.

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Natural results with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers placed in the cheeks, nasolabial folds and oral commissures along with a lip enhancement have all helped to subtly rejuvenate the face.  There has been an emphasis on natural results.

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Varicose Ulcer healed with Vein Laser Treatment

This patient had a varicose ulcer for 4-5 months prior to treatment. Varicose ulcers are generally treated by compression hosiery and regular dressings but very often they do not heal until the underlying varicose vein has been treated.  This then improves venous circulation which in turn reduces oedema in the tissues and clears tissue toxins more effectively.

The photos show complete resolution of the varicose ulcer.

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam DunnConsulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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