Fraxel Skin Resurfacing

What is it, and why should I go to Palm Clinic?

Palm Clinic has over 6 years of experience of using the Fraxel lasersystem, being the first medical clinic in New Zealand to be using Fraxel.Our clinic consists of highly trained and experienced Doctors and Nurses, and Skin Care Therapist.

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“Getting Old Can Wait!”

On your face, as you age those youthful cheeks begin to drop, and local fat deposits shrink.  This leads to increasing laxity and depth to the lines around your mouth area and jaw line. Plus, all those happy days in the sun in your younger years will be rewarding you with increasingly uneven skin tone, poor skin texture and blotchy pigmentation patches.

For a makeover within a month, a combination of treatments can transform your face within a month:

Dermal Fillers and Botox after which you’ll see instant results, plus an active skincare serums or skin peels, and a couple of medical grade IPL or gentle laser treatments can take years off your age.

Add to that the simplest and free treatment for added beauty is to have early nights and early dinners.  To ensure you are resting (and rejuvenating) rather than digesting – and you’ll wake up to a much fresher, more youthful face in the mirror.

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Simple & Effective Skin Treatments for Men

“I am so glad I am now seeing a younger man – but he’s the same one I married!”

If you saw the article in the February 2012 issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine you’ll know what I mean.

More and more men every year are approaching Palm Clinic to undergo simple and effective treatments that can be done within a lunch hour.  Yes, Botox and Dermal Fillers are very popular with our male clients.  Very few men have ever looked after their skin, and most have pigmentation spots and red veins to their noses after the age of 50.  A simple medical grade IPL treatment will treat these issues so effectively that these men wonder why on earth they have left it so long to have it done.

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Bothered by Skin Lumps and Bumps but Don’t Want Surgery?

Are you bothered by annoying skin lumps and bumps but don't want them surgically cut out?

Here at Palm Clinic we are able to offer the removal of such benign skin lesions by using and alternative device called Surgitron. Under local anaesthetic the lesion is "shaved" off instead of being cut out, so no stitches are required!

If you have any such lumps or bumps give us a call and we can see you for a consultation.

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Not wanting that rosy red Rudolph nose this Christmas?

Rosacea is a common skin problem for many people and is often exacerbated by alcohol and the heat of summer.

Palm Clinic offers the most up to date laser treatments using Aurora and Coolglide for those annoying thread veins on the nose and face.

Contact one of our friendly staff for an appointment.

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Day Stay Hospital Accreditation

Palm Clinic has recently completed an organisation wide survey by DAA Group Ltd for day stay hospital accreditation which has been awarded until November 2015.  Although this applies to all treatments provided at Palm Clinic it is particularly applicable to liposuction, endovenous laser ablation and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy for varicose veins.

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One better than a Facial

Blueberry Enzyme Exfoliation

Suitable for all skins, especially when your skin is feeling dull, tired and congested.  Performed by our highly trained beauty therapist, this is fantastic just before a special occasion.  Combining the potent antioxidant of Blueberry enzymes and the power of lactic acid, this deep exfoliating yet gentle treatment is designed to brighten, hydrate and clean out your pores.  Your skin will feel polished and alive, creating a healthy complexion.

The perfect step up from a facial                           $100

Course of 3 - every 2 weeks is recommended for ongoing results      $260

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Varicose Veins treated with Laser

What causes varicose veins?

We don't know exactly what causes varicose veins but we know that the wall of the main saphenous veins becomes weakened leading to the one way valves in the veins becoming damaged.  This in turn causes blood to fall down with gravity and pool in the veins which stretches them further. 

There appears to be a strong genetic link such that people with varicose veins commonly have a family history.  We also know that people with jobs that involve prolonged standing and straining tend to be over represented in the varicose vein population.

For many people the veins are just a visual problem but most people with varicose veins eventually get symptoms such as aching, throbbing, tired legs, cramps, restless legs, itching, heat, sweling of the feet and ankles, varicose eczema orvaricose ulcers.

Fortunately varicose veins are easily treated by non surgical techniques such as laser and injections.  Such treatments are generally covered by insurance.  Palm Clinic is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross for the non surgical management of varicose veins where medical necessity applies.

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Asymmetrical breasts

Uneven breasts treated with liposuction. Asymmetrical breasts are surprisingly common.  Very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts but some women have a large discrepancy in size which causes problems with fitting standard bras.  For many women with very asymmetrical breasts it can be embarrassing in new relationships.

The answer to uneven breasts may be as simple as breast reduction of the larger breast by liposuction or reducing the size of both breasts if they are both large but unequal in size.  This is achieved by measuring each breast before liposuction and removing the differnce from the larger breast before making further equal reduction to both breasts.

In the photo you can see that I have reduced the size of both breasts but by taking more off the left breast they are now nearly equal in size and both have lifted significantly because of the reduction in weight of the breasts.

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BOTOX without the 'ouch'.

Most fans will say there's absolutely nothing bad about BOTOX. However there is one thing- the 'ouch factor'. We can't deny that it feels like a mild bee sting at each site that's injected. Until now.

We're really excited to now stock an alternative type of saline, which we mix with the BOTOX to give the same results and same safety, but without the 'ouch'. Painless BOTOX, what will they think of next?

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam DunnConsulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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