Microsclerotherapy is used for treatment of spider veins.

Spider Veins are common on the outside of the thighs and inside of the knees but can also involve any part of the legs and are sometimes seen on other parts of the body such as under the breasts, abdomen and face.

Elos intense pulsed light is the treatment of choice for facial veins. Leg spider veins are addressed by Microsclerotherapy and/or Exotherme laser.

Spider veins are also called telangiectases and these are typically fed by reticular veins which in turn can be under pressure because of chronic venous incompetence. For this reason at Palm Clinic we prefer to perform a diagnostic ultrasound of all legs before treatment to spider veins in case there are deeper veins underneath which are feeding the spider veins. If there are deeper veins needing to be treated we typically wait three months after the deeper treatment before treating the actual spider veins.

Risks of Microsclerotherapy treatment include telangiectatic matting (development of new, very fine spider veins) and haemosiderin staining (a bruised appearance which can take several months to resolve).

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