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Varicose Veins Treatment in Auckland

Palm Clinic is a centre of excellence for varicose veins treatment in Auckland using Endovenous Laser and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy. Endovenous Laser is recognised as the Gold Standard treatment for varicose veins. Surgery is no longer needed for most people with varicose veins. 

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Varicose Ulcers

Varicose ulcers are a serious complication of varicose veins and the ulcers are best treated by treating the underlying varicose veins.

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Leg Swelling Treatment

If you have visible varicose veins, or symptoms of varicose veins (aching, tired or heavy legs when standing) then the most likely reason for the leg swelling is the varicose veins themselves.

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Please note that individual results may vary from patient to patient, and the information provided on our website is only a guidance to the possible results.